DSC_0056In a market flooded with sub grade products and patients in need of quality Cannabis oil Innovative Extractions strives to produce the highest quality solvent free CO2 extracted cannabis oil.  With our own extraction machine and our patent pending extraction process we are able to extract almost all of the the desired compounds without the debris and without the use of solvents for a pure organic product.

Our main focus is in the medicinal market catering to patents with ailments that can benefit from cannabis.  In our search for a pure solvent free product we have had the fortune to meet some of the most inspiring people, and we have had the gratifying feeling seeing their medical issues reduced, eliminated and forgotten.

Our company is small and we are dedicated to the cause.  We started years ago owning dispensaries seeing the the patients come in and seeing the quality of the product available diminish.  From there growing better plants became a focus and as recent studies emerged on the real benefits of cannabis oil Innovative Extractions was born to produce a pure solvent free product to market.